What is KM? Knowledge Management ExplainedJan 15, 2018 KM World
by Michael E. D. Koenig

Knowledge management in libraries and organizations
by Leda Bultrini, Sally McCallum, Wilda Newman and Julien Sempéré. Berlin/Munich: DeGruyter Saur, 2015, ISBN 978-3-11-041301-4
(IFLA Publications Series, no.173)

Knowledge management: libraries and librarians taking up the challenge by Hobohm, Hans-Christoph, Munich: K.G. Saur, 2004 ISBN: 9783598218385, EISBN 9783110955071
(IFLA Publications Series, no.108)

Collective knowledge management
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(New horizons in international business series)

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(Premier reference source)

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(Management for professionals)

Designing a successful KM strategy: a guide for the knowledge management professional
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Essentials of knowledge management
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(OR Essentials)

Global knowledge flows and economic development
by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED). Paris: OECD, 2004, ISBN 9264107665
Global knowledge flows are becoming a key driver of economic development. They encourage the inflow of new ideas and enable domestic innovation...

Handbook of research on knowledge management
by Anders Örtenblad (ed.). Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014, ISBN: 9781783470419, EISBN: 9781783470426
(Research handbooks in business and management series)

How librarians and libraries can lead community conversations for change: a conversation guide
American Library Association and Harwood Institute for Public Innovation

Il knowledge management
by Alessandro Bottin
(A short introduction to KM and its history, in Italian)

Innovations in knowledge management: the impact of social media, semantic web and cloud computing
by Liana Razmerita, Gloria Phillips-Wren and Lakhimi C. Jain (eds.)
Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer 2016, ISBN 9783662478264, EISBN: 9783662478271
(Systems reference library, no.95)

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(Resources for the knowledge-based economy)

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(Series on innovation and knowledge management)

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Knowledge management for libraries
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(Practice management)

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(Business issues, competition and entrepreneurship)

Knowledge solutions: tools, methods, and approaches to drive development forward and enhance its effects
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The macroeconomics of knowledge management: internal hold-up versus technological competition
by Mathias Thoenig and Thierry Verdier. London: CEPR, 2004
(Discussion paper series / Centre for Economic Policy Research, no.

Management of knowledge workers
by Hvide, Hans K Kristiansen, Eirik Gaard. London: CEPR, 2007
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Managing knowledge workers: new skills and attitudes to unlock the intellectual capital in your organization
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(Advances in marketing, customer relationship management, and e-services)

Qualità e Knowledge Management in biblioteca
by Giovanni Solinas
(Introduction to KM in Libraries as a way to quality of services. In Italian)

Special libraries as knowledge management centres
by Eva Semertzaki. Whitney, Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2011 ISBN: 9781843346135, EISBN: 9781780632667
(Chandos Information Professional Series, no.1)

A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about knowledge management
by Joanne Roberts. Sage, 2015, ISBN 9780857022479

Working knowledge: how organizations manage what they know
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Uriarte, Filemon A. Jr., Introduction to Knowledge Management: A brief introduction to the basic elements of knowledge management for non-practitioners interested in understanding the subject. Jakarta: ASEAN Foundation, 2008
Available in PDF format
This is a good introduction for people who are interested in knowledge management but have no previous background on the subject.

Basefsky, Stuart. (2011, August). A KM-based strategic, global current awareness service [Electronic version]. Paper presented at the 77th IFLA World Library and Information Congress, San Juan, PR.

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Academic Journals

Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management. Online, open-access. Peer-reviewed. Published sporadically by Academic Conferences & Publishing International. Link.

Journal of Knowledge Management. Peer-reviewed. Published quarterly by Emerald. Link.

Journal of Knowledge Management Practice. Electronic only. Peer-reviewed. Published quarterly by The Leadership Alliance Inc. Link.

IFLA KM publications

Including Annual Reports, Strategic Plan, Newsletters, Leaflet, Brochure, and Minutes of KM section meeting at IFLA World Congresses
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